The A Study And Analysis Of The Latest Trends In The Implementation Of An Automated Intelligent Conversation System (Chatbot)

  • Mohammed Waseem Ashfaque University,Aurangabad, India.
  • Sumegh Tharewal University,Aurangabad, India.
Keywords: KEYWORDS Dialogue Systems Conversation Systems Machine Learning NLP A.I Knowledge


The purpose of developing and deploying technology in its advance form is to provide easiness, to the human beings and help to those who are needful it.

Nowadays, we are living in an intelligent environment surrounded by smart technologies. Where various devices or machines, are working smartly, like a human, due to artificial intelligence and its associated technologies, like deep learning, machine learning and natural language processing. They reduced the gap between man and machine. A chatbot is one of part of this technology; it becomes so popular and essential part of Human-computer interaction, the chatbot is playing, a vital role, in establishing the conversation in between, computer and humans. And that's why this automated conversation system is developed and deployed at many area's or domains. There is another system like various voice controlling systems, different dialogue systems, and personal assistants can be entities of human-computer interaction. But the purpose of developing a chatbot is to follow the humans, by the following of human style, conversation in the most realistic way, using natural language. Chatbots can be work as a counsellor, doctor, manager, teacher and friend. So various corporates and institutions, are ready to adopting and using chatbots, to increase the work efficiency. And to automate their services provided to the stakeholders. Implementing intelligent chatbots, which can interact with a human, is a bit of a challenge. Therefore, it can be evaluated most efficiently with more study, and appropriate analysis, the critical review will be required. This article conducted a survey, of latest chatbots through different papers, articulated in other areas, keeping in mind the, specific knowledge type provided to the systems, the domain area, for what purposes it is developing. The facts and finding of this review article will help in directing future directions for future scope.

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