An initial step to design in aiding equipment for blind using ultrasonic system

  • Wong Zhi Ting Co-Author
  • Nurul Aqma Binti Mohd Esa2
  • Chang Hui Yuen3
  • Ashok Vajravelu
  • Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab


Nowadays, blind people getting to grow in our daily life quietly. Even though they are small amount and maybe people do not have the alert that blind people are around us in our daily life, but they still there and technologies should help them for getting better in physically and mentally. By developing more and more technologies, many of the problems in our daily life can be solve or reduce. One of the problems is how the blind people can be walk alone everywhere without produce problem to them. This project proposes a blind walking stand for the blind people to let them walk around alone and make blindness away from their daily life mentally. In this project, a blind walking stand is developed by using Proteus 8 Professional to design the circuit and Arduino UNO to control the microcontroller chip. By connecting the microcontroller chip with the ultrasonic sensors, the system is built. It uses buzzer and vibrating motor to alert the user to avoid the obstacle in a limited range so that they can walk away from getting injure or fall.

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Wong Zhi Ting, Nurul Aqma Binti Mohd Esa2, Chang Hui Yuen3, Ashok Vajravelu, & Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab. (2021). An initial step to design in aiding equipment for blind using ultrasonic system. International Journal of Advanced Computer Systems and Software Engineering, 2(3), 30-34. Retrieved from