About the Journal

Journal of Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials (JAMS) is the peer-reviewed journal that provides researcher, scholar and industry with reliable technical papers and reviews in additive manufacturing and materials utilised. The journal aims to recognise the unique quality of additive manufacturing and its operating materials for unlimited applications to describe the modern and prospective advancements in the field.

Additive manufacturing is a revolutionary manufacturing technology in how products are outlined and fabricated using various materials. Due to this nature, there was a need for a dynamic publication journal to broadcast the latest development for academics, scientists, industries, and modern society as this technology is the most rapid growth of becoming a future worldwide technology not only in manufacturing but in everyday life.

 Journal Scope:

The journal covers a broad range comprising additive manufacturing-related technologies, processes, techniques, materials, systems, and applications. Subjects of particular interest include the following scope, but are not limited to:

  • New additive manufacturing processes and materials
  • Advances in existing additive manufacturing methods and materials
  • Distinctive material formulations and composite materials for the additive manufacturing process
  • Heterogeneous additive manufacturing Design
  • Modeling and simulation of additive manufacturing processes
  • Hybrid manufacturing technology systems
  • Additive manufacturing for medical applications
  • Special applications with multi-functionality in medical, aerospace, nano, electronics, education, and other unique fields
  • Characterisation performance of additive manufactured parts in mechanical, chemical, biological, electrical, and morphological.
  • Additive manufacturing technology in primary, secondary, and tertiary education
  • Advanced methods in additive manufacturing product lifecycle & design, testing, and customising
  • Inventive customisation of additive manufacturing and materials
  • Advanced control of additive manufacturing systems
  • Characterization and performance - mechanical, electrical, chemical, biological, opticals