About the Journal

Journal of Engineered Advanced Material and Applications is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to bring a multidisciplinary and wide range of science and applications in advanced materials including nanomaterial, smart material, functional materials, hybrid materials, and composite materials. Journal of Engineered Advanced Material and Applications aim is to highlight the new advanced material that used in varies applications in engineering, industrial and research. The journal publishes full research papers, review articles, and communications papers.

Journal scope:
• Dispersions of nanomaterials
• Synthesis, functionalization & Characterization
• Computational and Theoretical modeling
• Thermal properties
• Electrical and Optical properties,
• Rheological, and Tribological properties
• Biomedical application
• Engineering application
• Surface and interface sciences and engineering
• Chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical technologies
• Catalysis, gas/liquid separations
• Energy conversion and storage devices/systems such as fuel cells and solar
• Batteries application
• Drug delivery application
• Nuclear and aerospace application
• Manufacturing and industry application
• Smart materials, Functional materials
• Hybrid materials, Composite materials